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New Year, New Rules: Toronto’s 2020 Airbnb Regulations

As the New Year rings in, resolutions and regulations alike have begun popping up here in Toronto. With the short term rental economy proving its endurance, Toronto city officials have
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Airbnb Resolution Centre – All You Need to Know

If you host on Airbnb, it’s important to accept that there might be some sticky situations. Maybe it’s a guest accidentally breaking some dishware. Or maybe it’s a small mishap
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San Diego: Airsorted’s Year in Review

It’s been quite a year for Airsorted. We’ve grown from 9 cities to 22 and we’ve learned a lot. But we’d be lying if we said speed wobbles weren’t a
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ancient greek hosting

Notes on Hosting: Ancient Greek Hospitality

Next time you get a bad Airbnb review spare a thought for poor Tantalus. Punished for all eternity in Hades, he was made to stand in a pool of water
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7 better ways to spend your time than on Airbnb

From cleaning and communicating to check-in and laundry: it takes around 50 hours a month to manage a successful Airbnb on your own. Definitely less of a side-hustle, more side-hassle.
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Notes on Hosting: Japan Invites The World

Japan is in the midst of a big twelve months. The Rugby World Cup? Just a warm-up. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will see visitors from every nation on Earth arriving
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