“Everything just runs smoothly!”

From avid traveller to caring host, meet Matan.

Matan has always loved to travel but last year, he decided to try something new.

Airsorted host Tel Aviv

From Berlin to San Paulo and New York City, Matan used Airbnb to stay in incredible homes in the heart of vibrant, local communities. The amazing experience opened Matan’s eyes to the beauty of Airbnb, and led him to enter the world of Airbnb hosting to help fund his travels.

Matan’s urban apartment is located in the newly redeveloped Sarona area of Tel Aviv – a perfect part of the city for tourists. Matan told us: 

“I really like my neighbourhood. It has a unique atmosphere – it’s filled with lovely cafes and good restaurants, but it is also very chill and you don’t feel the fuss of the city. It’s a central location, but without the disadvantages of a big city.”

Often, people will have a perfect home for Airbnb, but they’re put off becoming a host because they simply don’t know where to start, or don’t have enough time for the various hassles of hosting. 

Matan knew he wanted travellers to fall in love with his city, as he had done with cities around the world. But he was too busy to manage everything himself – so Airsorted was the perfect solution.

Speaking about his experience so far, Matan says:

“I know that everything is being taken care of, it’s an extremely professional service and I can access all the information about my apartment through my Airsorted dashboard. Everything just runs smoothly!”

It can be a big – but rewarding – move to open your own home to others. Matan has been particularly enjoyed receiving regular updates from Airsorted about his home and is happy to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of. 

Matan’s looking forward to welcoming many more guests over the coming years and watching his listing grow from strength to strength. Thanks in part to massive events like Pride and Eurovision, it’s already been a busy year for Airbnb in Tel Aviv, and for guest bookings at Matan’s apartment!

Tel Aviv Pride – what it means for Airbnb hosts

tel aviv pride

Tel Aviv’s annual Pride festival kicks off on Sunday 9th June.

Already, both locals and the many visitors to the city for the huge event are anticipating the week-long festivities that will reach their crescendo on Friday 14th June with the legendary Pride Parade and beach party at Charles Clore Park.

tel aviv beach

Considered by some to be the world’s best celebration of gay pride, Tel Aviv Pride reliably turns the already beautiful coastal city into a sea of colour and celebration.

250,000 people attended Tel Aviv Pride in 2018, with 30,000 of them visiting the city from overseas. Over 4,000 of these tourists booked accommodation in the city for the week of Pride – half in apartments, and mostly through Airbnb.

Though Airbnb’s popularity in Tel Aviv was already high in 2018, demand for Airbnb has continued to increase in the city over the past year. As a result, nightly rates for short-stay accommodation in Tel Aviv are expected to increase by 50% during Pride. That’s not even by comparison to the annual average nightly rate, but vs. other dates in June! Simply put, there isn’t a better time of year to be a host in Tel Aviv than during Pride.

tel aviv pride parade

However, to take full advantage of the opportunity, new hosts need to have a listing live and getting good reviews well before Pride begins. Positive reviews, especially for new listings, have a profound impact on the booking demand of a listing and, as a result, on the nightly rates a host can expect for their property.

Hosting on Airbnb isn’t always simple. There’s a lot to consider, such as cleaning, fresh linen, guest communication, check-in and check-out and a whole lot more – and for many people, it’s enough to put them off hosting altogether. This is where Airsorted comes in…

We’re a management company for short-stay rental hosts. Our mission is to make hosting hassle-free for hosts around the world, and we have a Tel Aviv based team who already do just that for a range of hosts in Tel Aviv.

Airsorted offer a complete service to our hosts that includes 24-hr guest support, cleaning, rental and laundry of hotel-quality linen, dynamic nightly rate pricing (to help you make the most of that increased demand over Tel Aviv Pride…), secure 24-hr property access for guests, and a custom-built host dashboard that lets hosts easily track their rental performance and bookings.

The clock is ticking for new hosts to get their listings live in time to get the best out of Tel Aviv Pride. Airsorted can fast-track this process for you, creating your listing and even taking photographs of your property to make sure you’re up and running in no time.

If our hassle-free service could be of interest, the first step is to find out how much your property could be making from Airbnb. Take our price calculator to find out, then book a call with one of our friendly new homes specialists to find out if our Airsorted could be right for you.

Eurovision expected to supercharge demand for Airbnb’s in Tel Aviv

Eurovision, the world’s largest live music contest, is coming to Tel Aviv in May. With the host nation as reigning champs looking to go for gold for a second year, Israel is prepared to embrace the international competition – along with the influx of tourism that comes with it.

In 2018 Eurovision brought a whopping 100,000 people to Lisbon, with roughly 186 million viewers tuning in on TV worldwide to watch singers battle it out for their country. This year will mark the first time Eurovision has been held in Israel for 20 years: it’s unsurprising that in Tel Aviv, you can already feel the excitement building.

From the 14th to 18th May, 41 countries will put forward their best performers at Expo Tel Aviv. With a similarly huge audience turnout as last year expected, the beautiful streets of Tel Aviv will become even more lively when they’re filled with friendly faces wandering around in mid-May!

The popularity of Airbnb has grown year on year in Tel Aviv, with property owners realising the potential earnings they have been missing out on.

Meanwhile however, traditional renting has come to be quite a slow return on investment in Israel. One finding states that the gross rental yields in Tel Aviv are approximately 3% – and that’s before any expenses!

By contrast, Airbnb has been dominating returns on Tel Aviv real estate, earning the city it’s position as 4th most lucrative city in the world to be an Airbnb host.

In recent months, many Tel Avivian homeowners, both part-time and full-time, have been rushing to list their properties on Airbnb ahead of Eurovision. Statistics from Lisbon’s turn as host in 2018 show that Airbnb stays increased by a mindblowing 83% during Eurovision.

It’s no secret that Tel Aviv’s gorgeous white-sand beaches, authentic culture and open-minded attitude make it a fan favourite for tourists, and provide easy reasons for them to stay an extra week or so before or after the Eurovision contest itself.  

If you own a property in Tel Aviv and are interested in taking advantage of the fantastic opportunity that Airbnbing your place during Eurovision presents, we’re here to help. Airsorted is fully ready to welcome guests into Tel Aviv on behalf of our hosts, and to make Airbnb hosting hassle-free for everyone.

24/7 guest communication and screening? Sorted.

Listing creation and optimisation? Sorted.

Cleaning before and after each guest? Sorted.

At Airsorted, we take all aspects of hosting out of hosts’ hands so that they can sit back, relax – and enjoy Eurovision 2019! Get in touch on our website if you’re interested in partnering with us as a host – we’d love to hear from you.

Airbnb תגבה מס ממשכירי הדירות? כל המידע

בשנים האחרונות תל אביב הפכה ליעד תיירותי בולט ומוביל במפה העולמית, עם עלייה של כ14% במספר התיירים בשנה החולפת.

מזג האוויר הנוח, החופים הבלתי נגמרים והעושר הקולינרי מושכים מבקרים רבים מכל קצוות העולם- ומספרם לא מפסיק לנסוק.

לתל אביבים רבים לא מדובר בהפתעה גדולה- העיר מאופיינת באווירה דינאמית, מלאה באתרים היסטוריים ומודרנים כאחד ומאפשרת לתייר מגוון רחב של אפשרויות בילוי ייחודיות.

תל אביב נחשבת ליעד מבוקש ואט ואט העיר מבססת את עצמה כאחת מן היעדים המועדפים על צעירים ברחבי העולם.

עם העלייה המתמדת במספר התיירים המגיעים לתל אביב, פלטפורמות לפרסום דירות נופש לטווח קצר הפכו להיות חלק בלתי נפרד מהעיר.

המוביל באתרים אלו הוא כמובן Airbnb-האתר האמריקאי שהפך להיות מילה נרדפת לפתרון נוח ומשתלם מול בתי המלון היקרים בעיר. כ9000 דירות תל אביביות מפורסמות היום בAirbnb.

בימים אלה, רבים בוחרים לפרסם את דירתם בעיר מעת לעת ולהנות מאפשרות לרווח גבוה במיוחד.

מספר הלינות ב–Airbnb ישראל הוכפל בשנתיים האחרונות, והיצע הנכסים באתר גדל פי שלושה מאז 2014. יותר ויותר דירות, שהיו פעם חלק ממלאי הדירות להשכרה בתל אביב, מושכרות כעת

באופן קבוע לתיירים וישראלים באמצעות Airbnb.

בתקופה האחרונה פורסמו ידיעות אודות שינויים בשוק הAirbnb הישראלי, אשר טרם הוסדר בצורה מלאה עד היום.

מועצת עיריית תל אביב החליטה להעביר לדיון בוועדות ההנהלה והכספים הצעה לפיה מי שישכיר דירות Airbnb לתקופה של מעל ל-3 חודשים בשנה יחוייב בתעריף ארנונה מיוחד וגבוה יותר.

הרשויות הישראליות נמצאות בימים אלו בקשר שוטף מול האתר האמריקאי, כדי לבחון דרכים ליישום הרפורמה בתחום השכירות דרך Airbnb.

הייקור ייכנס לתוקף רק החל מהמחצית השנייה של 2019 – על מנת שלא לפגוע באירוח האירוויזיון- אירוע ענק אשר צפוי למשוך תיירים רבים.

צוות Airsorted בוחן מקרוב את המידע המפורסם בנוגע לדירות נופש בעיר. ״אנו מאמינים בשקיפות, אנו מאמינים ברגולציות אשר פועלות לטובת הקהילה ולטובת אזרחיה- חוק מוסדר הינו דבר הכרחי ואנו תומכים בהסדרת התחום האפור של Airbnb בתל אביב״- אמר היום טום ג׳ונס, ממייסדי חברת Airsorted.

Airsorted הינה החברה הגדולה ביותר בעולם לניהול נכסים לתקופות קצרות, עם משרדים מקומיים ברחבי ארה״ב, אירופה, אוסטרליה וכמובן- כאן בתל אביב. הצוות המיומן שלנו מעודכן בכל המידע העדכני ביותר בנוגע למיסוי דירות נופש, ישמח לעמוד לרשותכם לאורך התהליך.

Here’s how Israel’s proposed Airbnb tax may affect you

Tel Aviv, home of stunning white sandy beaches,  extremely lively nightlife and incredible culinary delights, has become one of the world’s most popular destinations to visit in recent years. Israel as a whole saw a 14%, or 3.8 million, increase in visitors between January and November 2018 versus January and November  2017, with visitors travelling from all over the globe.

It’s unsurprising that Israel has seen such an influx of tourism, particularly in the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv. The relaxed, trendy city encapsulates a perfect balance between old and new, containing a UNESCO World Heritage site (The White City) while being a global hub for new and innovative start-ups.

The popularity of Airbnb in the city is huge. Over 8,955 apartments and rooms in Tel Aviv are on the site, and it is currently the 4th most expensive city for Airbnb in the world. . The potential to make money from earning your home here is incredible and becoming increasingly recognised.

It’s clear that Airbnb’s growth in Tel Aviv has been massive, and this looks likely to continue for some time. However, as with many cities around the world, there are those who have concerns with the rise of the short–term rental platform. In recent days, the Israeli Government have stepped up their objections to this growth, holding meetings to discuss the proposal of an increased municipal tax.

The government’s concerns revolve around the lack of taxes that hosts on Airbnb currently face. Although this has been a topic of conversation for a while, the recent proposal specifically looks to tax those who are renting out their properties for more than 3 months a year.

The Israeli government is now in discussion with Airbnb about exactly what this tax would look like, and how best to implement it. Most news outlets agree that if changes were made, these would not be implemented until later in the year and after the Eurovision Song Contest has taken place – good news for hosts expecting high occupancy over this period.

Airsorted is closely monitoring the situation with Airbnb in Israel. Although there’s currently some uncertainty for Israeli hosts we believe that, perhaps surprisingly, regulation can actually be a positive force. As Airsorted co-founder Tom Jones explains: “We’re pro-regulation – we believe that control and visibility for a community is important. We believe that as long as hosting is done responsibly, the benefits to the community far outweigh any downside, so that’s what we focus on.”

Airsorted is a truly global player in the world of Airbnb and vacation rentals management. We manage properties in some of the world’s most highly regulated cities including London, Paris, Miami and Vancouver. We are committed to responsible short-term management, even during times of legislative change, and we’re always willing and active in providing informed advice to all our hosts!