Eurovision expected to supercharge demand for Airbnb’s in Tel Aviv

Eurovision, the world’s largest live music contest, is coming to Tel Aviv in May. With the host nation as reigning champs looking to go for gold for a second year, Israel is prepared to embrace the international competition – along with the influx of tourism that comes with it.

In 2018 Eurovision brought a whopping 100,000 people to Lisbon, with roughly 186 million viewers tuning in on TV worldwide to watch singers battle it out for their country. This year will mark the first time Eurovision has been held in Israel for 20 years: it’s unsurprising that in Tel Aviv, you can already feel the excitement building.

From the 14th to 18th May, 41 countries will put forward their best performers at Expo Tel Aviv. With a similarly huge audience turnout as last year expected, the beautiful streets of Tel Aviv will become even more lively when they’re filled with friendly faces wandering around in mid-May!

The popularity of Airbnb has grown year on year in Tel Aviv, with property owners realising the potential earnings they have been missing out on.

Meanwhile however, traditional renting has come to be quite a slow return on investment in Israel. One finding states that the gross rental yields in Tel Aviv are approximately 3% – and that’s before any expenses!

By contrast, Airbnb has been dominating returns on Tel Aviv real estate, earning the city it’s position as 4th most lucrative city in the world to be an Airbnb host.

In recent months, many Tel Avivian homeowners, both part-time and full-time, have been rushing to list their properties on Airbnb ahead of Eurovision. Statistics from Lisbon’s turn as host in 2018 show that Airbnb stays increased by a mindblowing 83% during Eurovision.

It’s no secret that Tel Aviv’s gorgeous white-sand beaches, authentic culture and open-minded attitude make it a fan favourite for tourists, and provide easy reasons for them to stay an extra week or so before or after the Eurovision contest itself.  

If you own a property in Tel Aviv and are interested in taking advantage of the fantastic opportunity that Airbnbing your place during Eurovision presents, we’re here to help. Airsorted is fully ready to welcome guests into Tel Aviv on behalf of our hosts, and to make Airbnb hosting hassle-free for everyone.

24/7 guest communication and screening? Sorted.

Listing creation and optimisation? Sorted.

Cleaning before and after each guest? Sorted.

At Airsorted, we take all aspects of hosting out of hosts’ hands so that they can sit back, relax – and enjoy Eurovision 2019! Get in touch on our website if you’re interested in partnering with us as a host – we’d love to hear from you.

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