“Everything just runs smoothly!”

From avid traveller to caring host, meet Matan.

Matan has always loved to travel but last year, he decided to try something new.

Airsorted host Tel Aviv

From Berlin to San Paulo and New York City, Matan used Airbnb to stay in incredible homes in the heart of vibrant, local communities. The amazing experience opened Matan’s eyes to the beauty of Airbnb, and led him to enter the world of Airbnb hosting to help fund his travels.

Matan’s urban apartment is located in the newly redeveloped Sarona area of Tel Aviv – a perfect part of the city for tourists. Matan told us: 

“I really like my neighbourhood. It has a unique atmosphere – it’s filled with lovely cafes and good restaurants, but it is also very chill and you don’t feel the fuss of the city. It’s a central location, but without the disadvantages of a big city.”

Often, people will have a perfect home for Airbnb, but they’re put off becoming a host because they simply don’t know where to start, or don’t have enough time for the various hassles of hosting. 

Matan knew he wanted travellers to fall in love with his city, as he had done with cities around the world. But he was too busy to manage everything himself – so Airsorted was the perfect solution.

Speaking about his experience so far, Matan says:

“I know that everything is being taken care of, it’s an extremely professional service and I can access all the information about my apartment through my Airsorted dashboard. Everything just runs smoothly!”

It can be a big – but rewarding – move to open your own home to others. Matan has been particularly enjoyed receiving regular updates from Airsorted about his home and is happy to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of. 

Matan’s looking forward to welcoming many more guests over the coming years and watching his listing grow from strength to strength. Thanks in part to massive events like Pride and Eurovision, it’s already been a busy year for Airbnb in Tel Aviv, and for guest bookings at Matan’s apartment!

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