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5 of Edinburgh’s most incredible Airbnb properties

Airsorted help hosts to look after and short-let over 600 properties in Edinburgh today. Like much of the housing in the capital, the majority of Airsorted managed properties are one
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Why every Airbnb host should use an interior design company

As global leaders in rental property management, at Airsorted we like to think we know a thing or two about what matters when it comes to getting the most value
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Here’s how Israel’s proposed Airbnb tax may affect you

Tel Aviv, home of stunning white sandy beaches,  extremely lively nightlife and incredible culinary delights, has become one of the world’s most popular destinations to visit in recent years. Israel
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3 lockbox alternatives for Airbnb hosts

As Airsorted’s City Manager in Edinburgh, I’m often asked about what alternatives there are to a railing or wall-mounted lockbox for allowing guests access to their short-term lets. As it happens, there are a few…

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Ask the experts: 9 tips to become an Airbnb Superhost

Whether you’ve used Airbnb a few times as a guest or you’re a seasoned host, you’ve probably heard of the much-coveted ‘Superhost’ status awarded to… well, Superhosts. Here’s how to get into the Superhost club, according to the experts.

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5 reasons to add Tel Aviv to your bucket list

In case you missed it, Airsorted recently launched in Tel Aviv! We absolutely love this city, so we’re on hand to tell you why Tel Aviv should be your next bucket list destination!

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